Szczeżuja and Gopher

Szczeżuja, this one is for you. 😉

Firstly, I am glad to see your Gopher hole is up and running.

Szczeżuja's tinylog § Mon 10 Jan 2022 10:12:29 PM CET

My gopher hole is set up with success!

I read your earlier tinylog entry [§ Sun 09 Jan 2022 09:14:19 PM CET] and had been meaning to to contact you to let you know that part of the reason for your issues might have been that you had the wrong URL listed.


That should have read 'gopher://' (note the '1' to state the correct Gopher type).

Szczeżuja's Gopher hole

Quotes style

I was looking over your Gopher novice section now and I have to say the formatting looks nice. Particularly those quotes. 😜 There is also some great information there about Gopher and what you have discovered thus far. Thanks for putting all of that together. Those articles were a very interesting read. I had read (all?) of these posts on your capsule previously but it feels more correct to see them served over the Gopher protocol.

Gopher novice - Szczeżuja

You might know that I recently updated my conversion script to a more classic quote style, as I was worried about people perhaps not understanding my suggested quote display:

Formatting Gemtext for Gopher - further tweaks ♊

However, having seen your posts and how nice they look, I am beginning to have second thoughts and perhaps I will switch back to that style of quoting again as well. 😆

Feeling inspired

Anyway… Inspired by your progress, I decided to put up my own little "test Gopher Hole" on SDF as well. I am not sure if I want to host it here long term but at least it gives me a playground to try stuff out and see how things look.

My (temporary?/test) Gopher hole

I copied over much of my content but not everything. I skipped my journal (which is basically the same concept as your tinylog), an entry about starting to use Gemini and the posts about reformatting Gemtext. I felt like these things would all be a bit confusing.

So far I am creating the two gophermaps (on the landing page and for the phlog) by hand. Also whilst I converted all my posts via my script initially, I also hand tweaked a few things here are there (e.g. rewriting internal URLs and removing some image links). If I really do want to maintain this Gopher hole in addition to my Capsule, I will need to automate more things, so that I post once and both are updated simultaneously, with link rewrites and the phlog list automatically updated. For now doing things manually helps me learn and understand (it also allows me to [re-]consider my formatting).

In summary, once again thanks for your posts about Gopher and for being such an inspiration.

[✍ 17:44] I also went back to the fancy style of quoting, in my script and for my own posts. 😉

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