Formatting Gemtext for Gopher - further tweaks ♊

Formatting Gemtext for Gopher ♊

I thought some more about this since my original posting and a few things began to bother me.

So I have tweaked the script and 'rectified' these, as follows.

I am a little sad about the quotes, as I thought my previously suggested display was nicer looking but styling is less important than understanding.

Sample Gemtext file

Sample Gemtext file - initial reformat

Sample Gemtext file - updated reformat

Shell script filter to reformat .gmi files

text wrapping experiment - solderpunk [✍ 15:13]

Update [✍ 2022-01-11]

After seeing Szczeżuja's use of an older version of my script on his new Gopher hole, I realised that I am not willing to let go of my "fancy quoting" just yet. I really think it looks great when looking at his "Gopher novice" articles.

Szczeżuja and Gopher

Gopher novice - Szczeżuja

So… I have added "fancy quoting" back. 🎉

I also removed the '```' before and after preformatted text.

The only difference between regular text and code-like text (```) now is that for the latter, line length is not limited and it is not filtered to remove any characters.

Sample Gemtext file - (further) updated reformat

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