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A response to Björn (ew0k).

Do You Ever Feel Stuck in a Loop?

I have to say, it is rare that I feel I relate to a post so completely

What have I done for the past few weeks?

• Running.

• Working.

• Watching series and films on Netflix and Disney+.

• Procrastinating everything on my projects list, because the first and most important item is boring.

and later…

This shouldn't be a problem; after all no person's value is measured in achievement and no time is better spent than the one you enjoy. It does, however, produce a certain amount of anxiety to want things done but not wanting to do them. I feel stuck, running in circles and trying to escape reality by watching almost anything Netflix recommends to me.

Change a few of these, like so:

And that is me. 😉

In my case, much of my procastination is work related. While I am certainly working a fair bit (often late in the evenings), I am not being efficient. There are things I need to work on that would (long term) reduce my workload but they are a hassle to do up front. It is easier to just keep doing what I always have done, rather then work to automate, delegate tasks and generally improve things.

Unicycling on the other hand is something that I do a lot of but I would like to do even more. With young kids who want/need my attention after work, and very dark evenings, it is hard to find more free time for unicycling. It is definitely one of the highlights of my day to commute via unicycling. With increasing levels of lockdown here in Norway, I will no longer be commuting to the office (at least in the short term). This means it will be somewhat removed from the loop and I don't want that. I certainly do not want to use my new found "extra time" doing the work tasks I have been putting off for weeks… instead of unicycling.

Unicycling in the snow

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