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10:53 +0200

Penny 'splaining

Among my collection of unusual cycles I have a penny farthing. I bought it after spending a few years thinking about the idea and talking to those around me about potentially buying one (to my wife's horror). During that time I obviously read all I could about them. How they came to be, the advantages and disadvantages. Eventually I decided I would buy one, despite the significant expense and after the person who made it being very clear in potential draw backs (he should get an award for truth in advertising). I have now owned and ridden it for more than two years on a very regular basis (I frequently use it for commuting).

Today I got a rely from an old posting I made on the Fediverse. That post links to an article from a local newspaper that wrote about the fact that I regularly ride a penny around Oslo, along with other 'weird' cycles. There is also a picture of me riding the penny. The reply I received read as follows,

@ruari Penny Farthings are really dangerous, if you power break and go over head.

How this gentlemen thought I might not have discovered the potential dangers of penny farthings, during my years or reading about them, discussing with concerned friends and family, plus my time actually riding them, I don't know. 🤷🏼

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