Ruario's Journal [extract]


21:20 +0200

So I attempted ROOPHLOCH and failed. Basically I was sitting at a public swimming pool, waiting for my youngest to finish their course and it occurred to me that perhaps I could do the challenge then and there. After all I was carrying a basic feature phone, which on the one hand provided some way for me to type up a post and on the other hand was offline from the perspective of providing a generalised internet connection. So I formulated a plan of doing the post as multiple SMS messaged and sending them to text to email service I use. That would provide a way to get the text I typed off the device. Sure, I would have to manually copy and paste it into an editor from there and upload as normal but I figured that was still within the spirit of the concept, seeing as I would have composed my text offline in an unusual location. Plus it would give me a way to use my remaining time, while I waited from my little one. I didn't bring a book.

As plans go, not too bad so far. Sure the typing was slow but part of the experience is to try something different and this was by far the most text I had attempted to enter via a numeric keyboard in one go (at least since I was a lot younger). I have predictive text on this device but still, it is not quick. Interestingly, I also caught one of the other dads watching me (looking up from his smartphone), perhaps wondering what all the clicking was about.

So I basically I did write something and while it was no great work of art… it was… umm… something! 😉 But then, technical problems. Rather than send the texts to myself in one go, I wrote as much as I could, drafted and then wrote more. I was using a Nokia 225 4G (2020). This phone will allow you to compose 6 SMS entries worth of writing in one go (presumably 960 characters or there about) and then refuse to allow you to input more unless you either send or draft. I choose draft. That was a mistake. While you can seemingly compose and send 6 in one go, you can only draft (save) 3. This is not obvious when you do it and you only find this out when you go back to look again, and then discover half your text is missing. 😔 This is likely a bug/oversight that few people encounter as who really types this much on such a phone these days. Nonetheless it is data loss and I guess I will try and see if I can log a bug with Nokia.

After this failure I did still considered if I could still somehow use the bits of it I had but in the end I decided it just didn't really make sense. So… well… I gave up for now. I might however try again with a new idea before the month is out.

Announcing ROOPHLOCH 2022

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