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Re: how can I pass a micro-log style to Antenna?

I checked out Cosmos a little while ago and happened noticed a link to this very page. ๐Ÿ˜‰

@freezr writes,

Hi Geminauts, how can I pass a micro-log style to Antenna?

I'd like to do something like him:


But I will write about PEBCAK... ๐Ÿ˜…

Wellโ€ฆ @freezr to answer your question. You will notice at the top of this page is an Atom feed. It is this that I am submitting to Antenna. As for how I have an Atom feed, I am generating it using a little shell script I wrote. The script is not particularly beautiful or fancy but I am willing to share it. I should also note that it is also very tied to the format I am using here, so you might need to adapt it to your usage if you intend to format things slightly differently.

Alternatively, I first got this idea when I stumbled over @nytpu's flight log. They have something very similar and I basically copied the concept and tweaked it to suit my usage. My Atom feed is a little more complete that @nytpu's, in that it has the entire contents of each of my posts here in the feed (rather than just a title). I do it like this because my host (๐ŸŸ flounder!) is also accessible via https. Thus you can actually follow this page with a normal RSS/Atom client. This in turn means that friends of mine who are not on Gemini, could potentially follow what I say here. Wellโ€ฆ if they cared (which is unlikely ๐Ÿคช).

If you do not need that or you find the script ugly, excessive or difficult to adapt to your usage, take a note of what @nytpu says about their feed.

[โ€ฆ] and to all those that claim this is somehow impossible, i maintain this atom feed by hand

Indeed a basic/minimal feed like @nytpu's is pretty easy to write. Run the following to view their raw feed and see the format:

echo gemini:// |\
openssl s_client -crlf -quiet -connect -servername 2>/dev/null |\
tail -n+2

Or if both my and @nytpu's solutions seem too complex, I have another for you, provided by @ew0k (Antenna's author and maintainer). Head over to the Antenna about page and scroll down to ยง FAQ, where it states:

Well, let's say you have a page /microblog.gmi then make another (let's say /feed.gmi) with something like this content:

# Your Name

=> microblog.gmi YYYY-MM-DD Microblog

Update the timestamp when you've added something to /microblog.gmi and submit the URL to /feed.gmi to Antenna.

There you go, nice and simple. I hoped one of these helped! ๐Ÿ˜‰

freezr's comment on Station

Cosmos (Github gist)

nytpuโ€™s flight log

๐ŸŸ flounder! (Gemini host)

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[โœ 22:04 +0200] Bonus info (that you never asked for): I have another script that takes a copy of this journal, reformats it to be more appropriate for Gopher and mirrors it on my Gopher hole on SDF.

Formatting Gemtext for Gopher

Mirror of this page on SDF

[โœ 22:54 +0200] Oh and I also have another script that allows me to extract the current entry from this page into its own .gmi file, along with making a feed.gmi. This means I could potentially submit to Antenna without worry about adding more entries to my journal and burying the post.

Script to extract the latest entry of my Gemini journal

This page extracted with the above script (very meta!)


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