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Re: The Antenna Time Machine

The Antenna Time Machine

I'm sitting here, 7:13pm on Sunday, September 4th, looking at a link on Antenna dated to September 5th.

We have a time traveler! I have so many questions.

Update: Wow, I tried posting this for September 7th, and Antenna let me! TIL.

@slondr Antenna has always allowed this. You occasionally see stuff posted that is "from the future", presumably by mistake. Sometimes if it is way in advance and hanging around @ew0k seemingly corrects or removes them [✍ 2022-09-07 07:32 +0200: or perhaps the author does as you can resubmit with a corrected date] but sure, Antenna could be fixed, so that it is not possible. Or maybe it just does not happen enough that we need to worry about it.

To be clear though anything that seems to be 'one day in advance', might not actually be and could indeed be the correct date from the poster's perspective (given local timezones).

[✍ 08:24 +0200] It is funny (to me) that you did this on purpose though. It sort of reminds me of when I did the following. 😆

Can you submit phlogs to Antenna?

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