Ruario's Journal [extract]


12:33 +0100

This whole Covid thing is such a pain. Today when my youngest woke he had some minor cold-like symptoms, so we checked him with a home (lateral flow) test. Negative.

I got him ready for barnehagen (kindergarten) and brought him in. On the way into work (after dropping him off) my wife called me and said she looked at the test again and it seemed like there was a faint "pink" line after all. I rushed home and looked at it. We discussed it a little and wondered if perhaps it was a weak response because it was a bit early. So I went back to the barnehagen and picked him up. Once home, we both experienced self doubt. Perhaps this "pink" line was actually some colour seeping back from the control line? The test had been left on the counter for over an hour, rather than thrown away once completed (as we would typically have done).

I have since done two things.

I am however increasingly convinced that he does not have Covid 19. Sadly though I have wasted a bunch of time ferrying him back and fourth from barnehagen and bringing him to and from the test centre. In addition I now have him here with me as I attempt to "work from home", which is proving exceptionally hard. When will it end? 😔

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