A few days back @solderpunk (of Gemini fame) announced ROOPHLOCH (Remote Outdoor Off-grid Phlogging Challenge) 2022.

Announcing ROOPHLOCH 2022

[…] make a phlog post between September 1st and September 30th (inclusive, in your local time zone), while being outside of any permanent man-made shelter and without plugging a computing device into a wall for power or internet […]

How you achieve this is kind of up to the individual

[…] but the spirit of ROOPHLOCH is to get active and get creative, and make your post somewhere far from where you normally would and via different technologies from what you would normally use […]

My first (failed) attempt involved trying to compose a phlog post using a series text messages using a basic Nokia feature phone. Technology failures got the better of me however. If you want to know more, read § 2022-09-07 @21:20 +0200 of my Journal.

Ruario's Journal

ℹ There was also a second big issue with that doomed attempt. I was actually inside at the time. Somehow I forgot about the "Outdoor" aspect. I guess this is the problem with overly complex acronyms. Or at least that is my excuse! 🤪

Anyway, on the second try I did something more successful.

ROOPHLOCH - Grefsenkollen 20220914 09:44

Alternatively if you want to view the original and not the transcribed version.

ROOPHLOCH - Grefsenkollen 20220914 09:44 [Image]

So… is anyone else taking part?

[✍ 16:16 +0200]

Strava entry for the ride to my chosen ROOPHLOCH location

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