Re: Can you submit phlogs to Antenna?

Can you submit phlogs to Antenna?

Yesterday as I was walking along and I had an odd thought.

🤔 I wonder if you could submit non-Gemini URLs to Antenna.

I maintain a Gopher hole (largely as a mirror of my posts here), so obviously I had to try and amazingly it actually worked. I was likely as surprised as anyone, though pleased to see that it also brought a smile to @ew0k's face.

I laughed out loud when I saw it 😄

To anyone who did not like it and refused to click on my link (or could not due to the lack of Gopher client¹), no offence was intended.

I did pose some questions in further edits to my original post, which I will relay here.

To answer my own questions, personally I kind of like it. After thinking about this a little my own position is that whilst it is possible that some links are not accessible to certain users, this is perhaps not any worse than when there are posts in a language other than the reader understands. So you always ignore some links anyway. For everyone else it just adds to diversity.

I also had a think about who might want to do this. Realistically probably nobody but I can think of at least two use cases.

In summary, I think it is kind of nice if @ew0k leaves Gopher links working… but on the flip side I guess (most likely) nobody will ever use this 'feature' and so I will not miss the support (or likely even notice) if it goes. Ultimately it is @ew0k's choice. Their service and their rules.

P.S. @ew0k did confirm that http(s) URLs are blocked… before anyone tries that!

[✍ 12:19 +0100] As a side test, Cosmos did not handle linking my first post with this but that is not a surprise and most likely "not a bug". 😉


¹ Assuming you are on Linux, macOS or *BSD you might have a gopher client installed after all. You can use lynx or even curl! Indeed, gopher is such a simple protocol, that if you have netcat (nc) or telnet installed, you could even hack them into fetching the content.

echo /users/r0/phlog/2022-01-22_Can_you_sumbit_phlogs_to_Antenna.txt | nc 70

( echo /users/r0/phlog/2022-01-22_Can_you_sumbit_phlogs_to_Antenna.txt ; cat - ) | telnet 70

[I am sure a Windows wizard could likely come up with a PowerShell solution.]


2022-01-22 20:18 +0100


Interesting experiment […]. From the technical side, and social one - how will Geminispace react for Gopher links. :-)

2022-01-23 17:01 +0100


I personally think that Gopherspace and Geminispace could stand to do a little more mixing. Gopher isn't *that* hard to implement, so IMO most clients should support it (although Amfora is the only major one that doesn't AFAIK).

Indeed, I agree there is little reason not to have this in clients. Certainly the people who like and frequent Gopherspace and Geminispace (particularly those that write phlogs/gemlogs) have far more in common than differences.

It might just be you and me who think phlogs on Gemini aggregators are good though, because my aggregator <gemini://> is the only one in Geminispace that also aggregates phlogs—well, other than Antenna now :P

I have seen your feed and regularly check it. Indeed, now I think about it perhaps subconsciously having seen you mix them is what gave me the idea.


Non-Gemini URLs on Antenna (Re: Can you submit phlogs to Antenna?)


[…] Anyway, I've decided that I only want gemini links on Antenna. […]

While I feel slightly differently (see above) I totally understand and respect this decision. Plus now I get the noble honour of being the only person ever to submit a Gopher entry to Antenna, so I am calling that a win! 😜

ℹ Check out @nytpu's comitium subscriptions if you do want a good way to follow both Gemini and Gopher content.

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