My name is Ruarí Ødegaard and I generally enjoy 'simple' things (from an engineering perspective), and attempt to follow a so called 'slow' life style.


Footbike / kick bike (Wikipedia)

Penny farthing (Wikipedia)

As you can see from the last point, when I say simple, I mean without various 'redundant' elements such as gears, chains, brakes, pedals, saddles or 'extra' wheels. 🙃

That all said, I work as lead QA at a (web) browser company (Vivaldi) that makes one of the most complex interfaces going and is based on the behemoth that is Chromium. 🤷

Vivaldi (web) browser

I guess I also like control and not being forced to follow one workflow decided from 'on high', and Vivaldi certainly provides for that level of freedom.


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